Pallet Town



My second render is of a peaceful town from the Pokémon series. This is done in a “Low-Poly” style which is intended to have a very stylistic vibe whereby each triangle in the geometry can be seen quite evidently. These assets would work very well in a game, short animation, or any sort of artistic piece. In this piece I have made my first attempt at creating more complex modelling techniques by crafting a building, a character and other objects. The project itself took roughly 10 hours due to lack of experience in creating many of the aspects seen in this scene. However given what I’ve learned from its creation I reckon I could do the same in about half of that now. The entire project is created in Cinema 4D, the rendering included some extra settings such as Ambient Occlusion (to make geometry shadows look more detailed), Depth of Field, Anti-Aliasing and Global Illumination for more detailed and intricate lighting.

Project completed February 2016