Network Irelande Website Design

Graphic Design, Web Design


This website design was created as a prototype for a potential new redesign of the website. Included in this Case Study is the final design, a moodboard for the creation of the design, and a persona to better understand one of its users.


The design is intended to inherit a free-flowing one-page style so that content can be easily added and managed. I envisaged WordPress being used to build the site so that it is easily updated and retains data and code integrity. I also wanted to reduce clutter created in the original design, and so I went with fewer headings in terms of navigation. The original site had far too many links and drop down menus which impaired on usability. I felt a lot of the site could be boiled down to a few headings which incorporate all the content needed.


The main page is intended to highlight some of the important aspects of Network Irelande, as well as show how alive and vibrant it is. This is why I added both benefits to joining the initiative as well as news and events to highlight that it is an active and forward-thinking organisation.


It was important to me to phrase content neatly with ease of readability. This is why I included a minimal style in terms of colour choices. Having explored personas, I realised that it will primarily be business people using the website and this told me lots of bold colour may not be too effective.


The footer is intended to work as a functional map for the site, showing social media sites, as well as links to various parts of the site itself.


Project completed July 2016