Jaime Lannister

Digital Painting


A digital painting of Jaime Lannister from HBO’s hit TV show “Game of Thrones”.┬áThis was quite a big project for me when I started it. I had never really attempted to do a portrait painting on such a scale before. The intention was to go for a semi-realistic paint, with a grunge style. Using “chalk” brushes primarily, and quite a lot of strokes for the hair and beard, I decided it could do with some sharpening. The sharpening is intended to be quite harsh so as to convey the rough details of the character’s face.

Initially I did a quick sketch on paper to get a better understanding of the shape of his face, before drawing a basic black and white bust. The bust with some refinement, as well as the sketch can be found in this case study. The last image here is the primary reference point I used, which is from a Season 3 teaser poster.


Project Completed June 2013