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Game Developer | Designer | Project Lead

Skyfox: Owner

Skyfox is an independent Video Game studio making games for a broad spectrum of devices. Skyfox focus on video games that invoke a feeling of joy and emotion among their players. Currently we are building games for various clients as well as our own upcoming titles.


If I’m not sleeping, I’m probably creating something. From a young age I always had the desire to learn more and create new and interesting media. I spend a lot of time researching and developing personal projects so that I can keep sharpening my skills as a lover of all things Multimedia. Over the years I have managed and maintained multiple ambitious projects, and continue to explore my passion in game design, code, social media, design, and more each day.


First and foremost I am a creator. I have various skills in which I have developed over my education, career and personal projects that have allowed me to become such a creator. I can lead projects, I can code interactive software, I can design interfaces and user experience flows and most of all: I can work between these different areas fluidly.

I pride myself on being someone who has knowledge of multiple areas, in addition to having strong organisation and project management skills. I love responsibility and I relish in delegating tasks among a team who’s strengths I enjoy getting to know.

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+353 85 78 28488

Business hours preferred. Send an E-mail or text if you cannot reach me.


Gavin.Marshall@Hotmail.com is an alternative.